ICTP-MINI-BION3 Incubator Thermal Paper


Thermal Paper specially designed for using with Bionova® Mini Bio, Bionova® Mini Pro Auto-Reader's Printer.

Applicable Regulation



Designed under Quality Management System standards ISO

13485:2003/NS-EN ISO 13485:2012.


Thermal Paper Roll.

Color: white

Paper length: 4.7 m.

Paper width: 57 mm.

Roll external diameter: 23 mm.

Roll internal diameter: 13.4 mm.

Its function is to record the final results of biological indicators subjected to sterilization process and quantitative analysis of hygiene monitoring systems at each activated position of Bionova® Mini Bio and Mini Pro incubators, which allows record keeping in your sterilization records book.

Read Bionova Mini Bio and Mini Pro directions for use, as appropriate.