Responsible for the healthy life of humankind
Plasmapp aims to contribute to the healthy life and happiness of humans through creative thinking and challenges beyond the boundary of thought through learning and knowledge circulation.
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2025 Vision
100 billion in sales

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Secure Medical
Treatment Devices

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No.1 Medical Plasma
Technology Company

Core Values

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Drive change and innovation actively with forward-looking and challenging thinking, responding to rapidly-changing society in this era of keen competition

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Through constant self-development, each employee becomes the best expert in their own area and has thorough professionalism and expert knowledge.

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Fulfill responsibilities with constant self-control, patience, enthusiasm, and passion based on reasonable and upright values

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Develop professionalism based on innovation and creativity to have positive thinking and driving force without a fear of failure

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Recognize each employee’s values with an attitude of mutual-cooperation, consideration, and respect

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Share client-centered management values to consider what clients need in advance and eliminate any discomfort

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Provide complete and safe prevention, rehabilitation, and treatment opportunities to various persons concerned through the world-class quality control