1. The manufacturer, Plasmapp Co., Ltd., warrants the STERLINK™ Sterilization Systems to be free from any defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the date of delivery.

2. The warranty is limited to manufacturing defects or defects occurring in normal use. You should identify the defect, and notify the manufacturer.

3. The warranty does not cover the repairs or replacements caused by abnormal uses, including damage or breakage caused by a user's careless handling, neglect, non-compliance with the manufacturer's maintenance guidelines, etc.

4. In addition, each of the following will void the warranty: (i) any part that has been changed due to arbitrary disassembly, modification, or repair after delivery; (ii) the serial number is removed or changed after delivery;(iii) non-compliance with the manufacturer's recommended operating instructions and maintenance procedures;(iv) normal wear and tear over time; and, (v) breakage and damage caused by natural disasters or fire.

5. Even under the warranty period, if such problems are beyond the scope of the warranty requirements presented herein, repairs will be provided at a cost.

Warranty Claim Contact Form

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