The biological inactivation of Plasmapp is the world's fastest low-temperature sterilization solutionusing sterilant direct injection technology with an impermeable sterile package to maximize sterilantefficiency. This solution prevents thermal damage to delicate medical devices and secures user safetyin the sterilization process using differentiated plasma technology of Plasmapp.

Preventing infection Accidents

Biological Inactivation

Novel sterile packaging to enable super-fast 7 min sterilizaiton cycle

  • Direct sterilant injection enhances sterilization efficiency.

  • Direct vacuum pumping shortens purification process time

  • Independent pressure control allows unique sterilization cycle including compression process.
  • Compression maximizes sterilization efficiency to obtain 7 min cycle.
  • Impermeable pouch allows direct sterilization with compression process and vacuum sealing after the cycle.
  • Vacuum sealing visualizes sterile condition which extends shelflife of sterilized devices and provides advanced infection control solution.
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Super-fast sterilizaition cycle (Overall cycle time : 7min)

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Reliable sterilization performance (SAL of 10-6: ISO 14937)

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Extraordinary performance (SUS Single Lumen: Ø 0.7 mm x 500 mm)

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Low temperature reducing maintenance cost of expensive device (Operating temperature <55℃)

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14 FDA certificates including CE (Sales in 52 countries since 2018)

Global plasma technology company penetrated more than 50 countries