The regenerative activation of Plasmapp is the world's best surface treatment solution using vacuumplasma technology to remove impurities from the surface of implantable devices including medicalimplants and increase surface energy. The activated surface improves biocompatibility and shortens thesurgery's healing time increasing its success rate.

- S.L.A. treatment generates micro-structure on the implant surface to increase effective surface area ▶ 100%

The implant surface is contaminated by the cleaning, sterilization and shelflife to decrease effective surface area ▶ 60%

The contaminants are eliminated to regenerate effective surface area and to be delivered to patient under vacuum condition ▶ 90%

What can be a solution for removing the hydrocarbon contamination?

Optimized plasma discharge conditions for maximizing treatment efficiency

Electron temperature decreases as pressure increases, and plasma density has the opposite behavior.The optimized condition for maximizing treatment efficiency is obtained to be 5 torr for ACTILINK™.

This plasma simulation was conducted by the gas discharge plasma physics lab of KAIST.

Plasma Performance of Enhancing Osseointegration

Hematoxylin and eosin (H&E) stain (In vivo test after 2 weeks implantation)