MINIBIO / Auto-reader Incubator for Biological Indicators with 3 positions and built-in printer.

For incubation and readout of: Bionova® Rapid Fluorescence Readout Biological Indicators: BT220 (Steam): 3 hs. at 60 ºC, BT221 (Steam): 1 h. at 60 ºC, BT110 (EO): 4 hs. at 37 ºC, BT102 (Formaldehyde): 2 hs. at 60ºC, BT95 (VH2O2): 2 hs. at 60ºC.

Bionova® Super Rapid Fluorescence Readout Biological Indicators: BT222 (Steam): 1 h. at 60 ºC, BT223 (Steam): 30 min. at 60 ºC, BT96 (VH2O2): 30 min. at 60ºC. Bionova® Ultra Rapid Fluorescence Readout Biological Indicators: BT224 (Steam): 20 min. at 60ºC.


3 metal positions (38 mm deep, 9 mm diameter) to incubate

Rapid/Super Rapid/Ultra Rapid Fluorescence Readout Self-contained biological indicators.

1 ampoule crusher.

Special hole for external thermometer.

Incorporated top cap.

Dual Temperature System: Allows selecting between two different incubation temperatures (37ºC and 60ºC)

USB connection for registering results in a PC through Reading and Traceability Software.

Allows incubating 3 indicators simultaneously, in different incubation times, at the same temperature.

Thermal Printer to record results.

Sound alarm for event indication

Detection and automatic cancellation of the fluorescence reading of the biological indicator.

-Fluorescence reading wavelength: ~ 460 nm

-Firmware update by the user.

-Dimensions: 180 mm high, 154 mm wide and 105 mm deep.

-Voltage range: 100 €“ 240 V AC

-Power: 28 W

-Frequency: 50-60 Hz